Get to know Japan’s best paddler.

Training time, Kenny Kaneko.

It is a cool, early spring morning in Hayama, Kanagawa. It’s about 6 am and people are slowly starting their day. It is a quiet and peaceful place, Mount Fuji sits in the background, overlooking the small seaside town like a mighty guardian. Many people coming from larger cities, like Tokyo, treat this town as a vacation getaway due to its proximity, great weather, water, and scenery. However, for Kenny Kaneko, it is both his home and training ground.

Talis Crew is honoured to sit down with Kenny Kaneko, one of Asia’s top ocean…

A story about canoes, and life.

Final quality control inspection.

Hidden away in the middle of nowhere on Ewa Beach, O’ahu, Hawaii is a very unique shop that builds custom outrigger canoes. It might be quite hard to find but the owner of Kilakila Water Sports likes it that way.

“Our shop is on Ewa Beach in the middle of nowhere, but we enjoy the privacy. I call it the hideout.” says Nate.

It is at this hideout that Kilakila Water Sports are building some of the most sought after canoes in Hawaii.

Talis Crew Art Studio Spotlight: Piers Haskard.

“Walking” by Piers Haskard.

We love art as much as we love the water. Illustration, photography and music, we can’t help but get stoked when we see something rad, that is why we created the “Talis Crew Art Studio”. We wanted a platform that showcases the artists Talis Crew collaborates with, the creatives that help make our brand possible.

Talis Crew’s featured artist is photographer Piers Haskard. You can follow him on Instagram at @piershaskardphoto or check out his website at

Talis Crew takes you down to Sydney Australia to learn about Piers and the essentials…

One of the gnarliest races in Asia, welcome to the Hong Kong Dragon Run.

Tupu and Karel battling it out for glory. Photo by Franck Tetard.

If you haven’t visited Hong Kong, you need to put it on your life list of places to go. With the summer of 2019 being a time of great divide in the city, many tourists have decided to stay away. Unfortunate as this current situation is, it does not take away the fact that Hong Kong is one of the greatest destination cities in the world when it comes to food, culture, shopping and most importantly outdoor activities. …

An exciting look at one of the world’s toughest paddling races on the planet, the Hawaiki Nui.

The 2019 finish line at Matıra beach-Bora Bora. By Tim McKenna Photography-TMK Tahiti

Born in 1992, the Hawaiki Nui was the idea of Edouard Maamaatuaiahutapu, a paddler that wanted to make a tribute to the beauty of the islands where he lived, and to his group of friends who loved the sea and canoe racing. This mythical race was conceived from simple criteria, to be as prestigious as the Moloka’i Hoe race in Hawaii. The difference, to make it more arduous. The race consists of 3 stops, varying between 25 to 60km, going through the beautiful…

Meet the next generation of watermen, they are the Ocean People.

Forged by the Ocean, Ka Lahui Kai. Photo by Hayden Ramler.

It is October 7th, 2018. All the crews are ready to go. All the preparation, all the training, all the practices have led everyone to converge to this special event. The Moloka’i Hoe.

The horn blows setting the machine in motion, several hundred paddlers working together in their canoes to fight for the lead position. It’s controlled chaos like every year, but on this date, the hard work is going to pay off for a special group of young guns, the men of Ka Lāhui Kai.

They charge hard…

The idea that would bring together the best from the Pacific.

Focused on the prize, Team Oceania. Photo by Hayden Ramler.

It started off as an idea. Create a crew comprised of the world’s top paddlers from the Pacific region, to compete at the highest levels, leading up to Moloka’i Hoe. Could it be done? Who to approach and how would this team perform? It was something that Mario Mausio was determined to find out.

Talis Crew is honored to sit down with team captain and founder, Mario Mausio, as he breaks down everything about Team Oceania.

Tell us about Team Oceania, who are the members.

Team Oceania was created…

California is an amazing place for paddling from Outrigger Canoe, Stand Up Paddling, to Dragon Boat. Youth programs are essential to support the paddling scene. The Oyster Point Dragons are doing just that, and going beyond.

Long Beach 2019.

Talis Crew takes you to San Francisco, to meet a group of truly inspirational human beings, the Oyster Point Dragons. From their humble beginnings to their current achievements, they are using their paddle club to promote health, and positivity in their community.

Check out an inspirational story of these young paddlers as they build an amazing club, and give their members more than just…

Meet the Spanish Dragons, and get ready to know one of the coolest Dragon Boat clubs in Hong Kong.

The Spanish Dragons of Hong Kong.

If you haven’t visited Spain, you need to put it on your bucket list of places to check out. With rich history, culture, architecture, food, and art, the list of reasons to go are endless. But what makes Spain stand out, are the people.

So it was to our surprise when we found out about the Spanish Dragons. A small group of Spanish expatriates that created a paddle club in Hong Kong. Fun, friendly and competitive, the Spanish Dragons have added…

Talis Crew is proud to sit down with the NDRC Orcas, one of Canada’s top dragon boat paddling crews, as we find out what makes them one of the fastest clubs out there.

The Orcas, of NDRC.

If you have never been to Toronto, you probably wouldn’t know too much about the city, beyond guessing that the winters are long and that in 2019, the NBA champions are the Toronto Raptors. However, it should be know that Toronto is one of the best cities to find world class paddlers.

One of the top dragon boat clubs in Canada is NDRC, New Dragons Racing Club…


Good times ahead!

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